Institute of Social Work Alumni

Welcome to The Institute of Social Work Alumni

The ISW boasts an alumni of more than 30,000 graduates scattered across the world. Our alumni make a real difference across the world in a number of ways. The Institute keeps acknowledging their contribution to the local, national and international communities.

As an alumnus, your special relationship with us continues long after your graduation day no matter where life takes you. Through this portal you will be able to access academic journals, event invitations and our quarterly newsletters. As such, you are cordially requested to make sure you keep in touch for the latest news, events and opportunities.

Aside from that, The ISW alumni also connect you to talented individuals located all around the World, just like you - each with a special connection to ISW. The community will also enable you to make new friends and enhance your network by getting involved with your colleagues.

In this regard, we kindly ask you to keep your details up to date to stay connected as you will benefit from being a part of this alumni for the rest of your life.

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